GroupKick all songs vote ! July, 2014 result. 



☆ ― 各トラック Best 3 ― ☆

【24%】Apr10-1: Fire Burning / Sean Kingston
【24%】Jul10-1: Paparazzi / Lady Gaga
【19%】Spring08-1B: Get It On / Funky Diamonds
【17%】Winter09-1: Viva La Vida / Cold Play
【37%】Oct09-2: Girlfriend / Avril Lavigne
【30%】Jul11-2: California Gurls / Katy Perry
【30%】Apr13-2: We Are The Champions / Queen
【17%】Fall07-2: Jaded / Aerosmith
【17%】Fall08-2: Queen Of Love / Wildside
【32%】Apr10-3: Maniac / Michael Sembello
【24%】Fall07-3,8B: Hey Girl / Mister Max
【24%】Spring09-3: Sky High / DJ Miko
【24%】Oct09-3,8B: Faster, Harder, Scooter / Scooter
【20%】Fall08-3,8B: Disco Energy / Bombers
【48%】Oct09-4: La Copa De La Vida / Ricky Martin
【17%】Winter08-4: Destination Calabria / Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters
【17%】Apr10-4: Elevator / Flo Rida
【17%】Jan11-4: Your Love Is My Drug / Kesha
【17%】Oct11-4: In My Head / Jason Derulo
【17%】Oct11-4B: Firework / Katy Perry
【17%】Jan12-4: Bon Bon / Pitbull
【17%】Oct12-4: Suave (kiss Me) / Nayer feat. Mohombi & Pitbull
【13%】Winter09-4: Low / Flo Rida
【13%】Apr11-4: OMG / Usher feat. will. i. am
【38%】Oct09-5: Livin’ On A Prayer / Bon Jovi
【27%】Jul12-5: Born This Way / Lady Gaga
【23%】Apr10-5: Born To Be Wild / Steppenwolf
【32%】Winter09-6: We Will Rock You / Queen
【29%】Jan12-6: What The… / Avril Lavigne
【29%】Apr10-6: Poker Face / Lady Gaga
【25%】Spring08-6: Don’t Tell Me / Avril Lavigne
【54%】Fall07-7: Fire / Scooter
【33%】Summer08-7: Toxic / Britney Spears
【29%】Jul09-7: Kung Fu Fighting / Carl Douglas
【53%】Spring08-8: Gangsta’s Paradise / Coolio
【26%】Jul09-8: Smells Like Teen Spirit / Nirvana
【21%】Oct09-8: Let’s Rock / V. Mascellino
【21%】Jan11-8: Jump! / The Movement
【21%】Oct13-8: Excalibur / Nick Skitz
【50%】Jan12-9: Eye Of The Tiger / Crew 7
【32%】Oct11-9: Telephone / Cast of Glee
【23%】Spring08-9: Stronger / Kanye West
■10曲目「COOL DOWN」
【25%】Spring08-10: What I’ve Done / Linkin Park
【21%】Jan13-10: Not Afraid / Eminem
【21%】Oct09-10: Sober / Pink
【14%】Winter08-10: Angels / Robbie Williams
【14%】Spring09-10: I Want It All / Queen
【14%】Jul11-10: Just A Dream / Nelly feat. DMX
【14%】Oct11-10: Coming Home / Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey
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